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The Best Coffee Bean Grinder 2022

Coffee Bean Grinder for Home

If you’re looking for the best coffee been grinder for your home, I would recommend Breville BCG820BKSXL.

It’s kind of amazing that you nowadays can make a perfect cup of coffee at your home. Just think about it! No more than a decade ago most coffee were processed professionally. But today you can actually take care of all the steps yourself, in your home. Just like they did back in the days. Who doesn’t remember the scene with Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves:

Well, the difference might be that today everything is electrical. Not much hand power needed. And all the tools are way more designed. But that doesn’t mean they look better. Think of the classical hand coffee bean mill. Cowboy-style, right?

Best Coffee Bean Grinders You Can Get Right Now

I love to have my own coffee bean grinder. The aromas just fill the room. And the process of doing it yourself is kind of cool. But mainly I love my coffee grinder because freshly ground coffee just tastes so much better.

Best Coffee Grinder for Espresso

Breville BCG820BKSXL

With 60 different and very accurate grind settings, you can grind finely for an Espresso or coursely for a French Press coffee. It’s a burr grinder, which makes for a consistent ground. I like that it’s so easy to step up your coffee game with the Breville Coffee Bean Grinder.

If you’re not ready to take the full step up to a coffee bean grinder close to what they use in nice coffee shops, there are good budget alternatives. Like this burr coffee grinder from Cuisinart:

Best Burr Coffee Grinder Budget

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

With this coffee bean grinder you can easily adjust how fine or course you want to grind your beans. And you can remove the grind chamber for easy cleaning. It holds up to 32 cups. That way you can grind your coffee once a week. Or every other day if you drink a lot of joe!

The Baratza is a luxury brand when it comes to coffee grinders. They have a Virtuoso and a Sette I really like. If you don’t mind paying close to $400, then the Baratza Sette is an obvious choice. Just look at the design:

Best Luxury Home Coffee Bean Grinder Maker

Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

What a beauty! Imagine a nice coffee bean roaster, a great looking espresso machine, and the Baratza Sette in your kitchen. The you’re all set!

Different Electric Coffee Grinders

There are two different grinding techniques an electric coffee bean grinder can use:

  1. Burr coffee grinder: this grinder uses two burred plates and the beans are getting grind in between the plates. With lower quality grinders the burred plates may generate a lot of heat. That may harm the aromatic oils from the beans.
  2. Blade coffee grinder: here blades are used. Not as consistent ground coffee with this method as with burred plates.

So, go ahead and get a home coffee roaster. It is fun, meaningful, the aroma from it is great, and it’s the obvious next step in your coffee game.

Manual Coffee Bean Grinders

But not all grinders have to be electric grinders. Right? Just remember Kevin Costner in that movie. But it’s straight out impossible to find a hand coffee grinder that uses blades to grind. And that’s totally fine, since the burr mill technique is superior.

If you want a manual coffee bean grinder, maybe just for the sake of it, you should pick a nice-looking one. Like this Amazon favourite from JavaPresse:

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

I mean, you could really use one on your travels, or when camping, or when visiting your non-coffee-loving relatives.

So, up your coffee game – start grinding those beans yourself!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

Header photo by Gregory Hayes on Unsplash

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