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The Best Coffee Bean Roaster 2022

Find the best Coffee Bean Roaster for your home and enjoy home-roasted coffee.

Photo by Hans Ripa on Unsplash

Coffee Bean Roaster for Home

If you’re looking for the best home roaster, I would start with the Fresh Roast SR540. And later upgrade to KALDI Home Coffee Roaster.

I just love freshly roasted coffee beans. All the aromas that gently fill the room. And the process of taking this ripe fruit and slowly and methodically roast it into something that can be brewed into the magic we call coffee. It is kind of a cool process. Don’t you agree?

For the past couple of years more and more home roasting devices have been made available. In the beginning they were quite expensive. But now you can actually afford your own coffee bean roaster.

How to Pick a Coffee Bean Roaster

  1. The home coffee roaster must be constructed in such a way that the beans are consistently roasted. If some are under roasted while others are over roasted, the batch is lost.
  2. A roaster with adjustable fan settings will make sure the hot air is moved around properly.
  3. You need a device with temperature control. You see, sometimes you’ll want dark roasted beans and sometimes light roasted.

Best Home Coffee Roasters

Personally, I use the Fresh Roast SR540. I think it is affordable yet holds all features necessary for a great coffee roast. It’s a good starter machine. When you’re ready to step up you game and roast in a greater scale, you need either two Fresh Roast machines, or another – bigger – one.

Best Coffee Roaster for Home

Fresh Roast SR540

But I sure dream about buying a bigger, motorized, coffee roaster. Like the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster. This one draw the heat from a butane torch blow lighter (not included). Since this home roaster is motorized, which constantly moves the beans around, you get a consistent roast. And the machine is beautiful! Right? Just imagine roasting some Kona beans with a KALDI. I mean, the best coffee beans with the best roaster.

Best Professional Home Coffee Roaster

KALDI Coffee Roaster

If you’re on a budget, there sure are alternatives. But I would say it’s better to save up and buy something great, instead of settling for a solution with limits.

Like the Mochiglory Rotisserie Drum Roaster. It uses the drum roasting technique. That’s a good method of roasting coffee beans. The problem with this product is that you also need a rotisserie. Of course you could put it on your BBQ and plug in an engine to it (like when roasting a chicken). But it’s kind of hard putting it all together when it’s bad weather. Nevertheless, here’s the Mochiglory Rotisserie Drum Roaster:

Best Coffee Bean Drum Roaster

Mochiglory Drum Roaster

Finally, I must mention the roasting pan solution. You put the green beans in a pan and gently roast them on the stove. The interior is waffle-shaped, which means that the beans will be roasted on (almost all sides). Maybe if you lift the ceramic pan up and shake the beans around a little, they will get more evenly roasted? I don’t know. It’s a fun product. And nice looking too. And the beens will surely pop.

Best Coffee Pan Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster

Best Home Roaster for Coffee Beans

Well, I would go for a Fresh Roast SR540 if I didn’t own one already. And I for sure dream about buying KALDI Coffee Roaster to put in my kitchen.

So, go ahead and get a home coffee roaster. It is fun, meaningful, the aroma from it is great, and it’s the obvious next step in your coffee game.

I hope you enjoyed this article!